An effective low-code integration platform

The Apiify can be used for a wide variety of integrations. It all depends on what you want to get out of it. Whether you want to integrate business-critical applications or link the flight details of a website. The possibilities are endless. 

A lot of cloud services are available in the library and with a spark of creativity you can create something new. Pick, assemble and create what you need for your project. Enrich data from one cloud service with data from other apps. Streamline data flows the way you want and create powerful automation all in one tool.

Some practical examples

  • Link your financial application to your CRM or ERP software
  • Integrate recruitment software with your website. Create and manage a central overview with details of vacancies and job applications
  • Get, integrate and enhance data of multiple apps and translate them in mobile apps webshops or dashboards 
  • Combine marketing automation software, helpdesk systems or online markets like Amazon or Bol.com

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How can Apiify.io help you?

Businesses typically have an extensive network of business applications which do not communicate with each other. The result is data which is hard to find, unnecessary manual actions and frustration. A clear overview is missing. Apiify.io helps to connect the data and helps you to get the most out of your business applications. Manage more efficiently, saving time and money. 

Efficient and time saving

Work more efficiently. Deduplicate actions, combine, enhance and configure data. Improve your business processes by linking your software.

Combine software

Examples of software integrations: ERP, CRM, Financial applications, HR-software, sales, marketing, warehousing, administration and mobile apps. 

Easy to manage

You can make data available wherever you want whenever you want. So you have your data at the right time. The Apiify.io combines data from multiple sources which could not exchange data before. Once the integration is made you are set. Set notifications to keep yourself informed of active actions. 

Low-code solutions

You can use the integration platform to add low-code cloud services and design Playbooks with steps any way you want. Low-code means no deeper understanding of programming is necessary. 

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How do we help you solve the problem?

Software integration is often a complex, expensive and time-consuming process. With the Apiify.io you can make your own software integrations linking existing and/or new business applications with each other, create the desired playbook where you decide the steps and rules. Realize new cloud service combinations without the help and knowledge of a full stack developer. The Apiify.io contains an extensive library of cloud services and standard templates to help you get the most out of your network. If you miss a desired connection, do not hesitate to ask. It is no problem to add this for you.

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As of now, integrations can be made with the cloud services that are available in the library. The library is continually updated. Not every cloud service is available, because there is an enormous range of cloud services and different authentication methods. Weekly, we expand our cloud service library. So if a cloud service is not available yet, there is a big chance it wil be in the future. Have a specific request? Customization is possible, contact us for the details. 

No, this is not neccesary. Apiify is a low-code solution. This means that you can use the tool without extensive coding knowledge. 

A: Yes, the system has build-in templates, which makes it easy to integrate commonly used cloud services. Furthermore, they can be used as a base setup for your own playbook and rules.