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With a clear-cut interface you can link a variety of systems and applications and make integrations without the help of a developer. Start selecting the preferred cloud services within the library. Add authentication if necessary to set up the tool and begin working on the playbooks and steps. You can filter data, make translations and enrich it with other data to design the output as you wish.

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Advanced features

The cloud service integration platform has some extensive options for data manipulation (conditional, logic, queries, filter code, transformations and more) Additionally, there is also an advanced caching feature for lowering the usage of data of cloud services and fast execution of the playbooks.

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Link one or more cloud services

Add your own REST API to the library as a cloud service. Fast and easy integration using a webhook call with applications you are familiar with. It is also possible for us to build, customize and integrate cloud services you want (i.e. for industry specific software)


A simple example: the date in one application has a English calendar while another application uses an European calendar. The difference in data has to be transposed for the applications to “understand” each other. The Apiify.io can automatically do this for you in a separate step. .

More complicated cases use many different data alterations, steps and manipulations of queries, variables and data sets. Think of customer ID fields which have different entries for the same customer in different software applications. Additionally, it can be used to combine, alterate or enrich data. The possibilities are endless.

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Features and functionalities

Data integration can be used to combine, transform and enrich data in a network of applications. The Apiify.io gives you an overview of all data within your organization. This information gives you the insights to design your processes more lean and efficient.

  • 14-day free trial
  • Safe & cloud based service
  • Simple and fast integration of data
  • low-code solution
  • Extensive and growing API-database
  • Easy-to-use email notifications
  • timeout features for cloud services requests
  • Clear overview of the status of cloud services
  • Advanced templates
  • Extensive audit logs
  • Multiple users
  • Repeat steps and playbooks
  • cache in cloud service requests
  • build your own playbooks and design steps the way you want
  • data exports as CSV or XML

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As of now, integrations can be made with the cloud services that are available in the library. The library is continually updated. Not every cloud service is available, because there is an enormous range of cloud services and different authentication methods. Weekly, we expand our cloud service library. So if a cloud service is not available yet, there is a big chance it wil be in the future. Have a specific request? Customization is possible, contact us for the details. 

No, this is not neccesary. Apiify is a low-code solution. This means that you can use the tool without extensive coding knowledge. 

A: Yes, the system has build-in templates, which makes it easy to integrate commonly used cloud services. Furthermore, they can be used as a base setup for your own playbook and rules. 

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