Benefits of software integration with Apiify.io

Use Apiify.io to improve and simplify your business processes. Eliminate double entries by linking software together. Data is automatically exchanged and manual entry of invoices into the ERP and administration is no longer required.

Reduce error margins

One of the benefits of Integrating your software is that it reduces overall error margins in data entries. Once data is entered into the system it is automatically available throughout the whole business network. This means no separate entries in several different systems and the risk of errors. 

Give new life to legacy software

The Apiify.io cloud service offers the possibility to recover legacy software and link it into the current business application network. Update your legacy software and make it compatible with future cloud services, apps and more. Easily create and deliver digital services from your legacy systems. This means that you can keep using your favorite software and make it ready for the future. The result: lower your IT spend, reduce risk and customize everything to your needs.

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Low-code cloud services integration platform

The Apiify.io tool is designed to give both business professionals and developers a tool which can be used with minimal knowledge of coding. A clear interface where you can use low-code to design your playbooks and steps the way you want. For more complex challenges we offer consultancy services. 

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What are the benefits of low-code programming?

  • Speed - accelerated delivery and development of new integrations. The learning curve is big
  • Agility - adaptability and responsiveness to market changes and leveraging new technologies. Create interactions with customers the way you want to. 
  • Multi experience - integrations make it possible that there is an optimal experience across channels 
  • Development for all - Even those without a technical background, often known as “citizen developers” can build simple applications 

Business professionals can create applications customized to their needs, with an accelerated speed compared to usual development processes. It gives professionals with no strong background in IT the tools needed to build integrations without the knowledge of developers. Hereby leveraging knowledge into functional applications.

For business professionals

Business professionals can build and integrate cloud services suiting their demands without developers know-how.

  1. No developer needed to integrate cloud services
  2. Low-code setup of your playbooks and steps
  3. Advanced options for data configuration (i.e. conditional logic, queries, filter code, transformations)
  4. Lower your data usage of cloud services and fast playbook execution with advanced caching possibilities 
  5. Integrate one or more cloud service(s)
  6. Easy to link with the applications you know and use with webhook functionalities
  7. Add your own REST API as a cloud service
  8. Add your own cloud services. Customization is possible in for instance industry specific software 
  9. Extensive audit logs 

Customization, process acceleration and your specific application needs in less time and without the costs and know-how of a specialist.


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As of now, integrations can be made with the cloud services that are available in the library. The library is continually updated. Not every cloud service is available, because there is an enormous range of cloud services and different authentication methods. Weekly, we expand our cloud service library. So if a cloud service is not available yet, there is a big chance it wil be in the future. Have a specific request? Customization is possible, contact us for the details. 

No, this is not neccesary. Apiify is a low-code solution. This means that you can use the tool without extensive coding knowledge. 

A: Yes, the system has build-in templates, which makes it easy to integrate commonly used cloud services. Furthermore, they can be used as a base setup for your own playbook and rules.